Road & Street


Parking lot

Park & pathway

General area

Billboard & sign


Mexican market

Installation height: 10M

Types of application:Solar Lights for Parking lot & Highway

Product model: BH14 series-50W 

Our customer Luis installed our BH14 series-50W in 2019, from 2019 to 2022, three years have passed, recently, our customer Luis feedback to us that the light is still very bright.

Private Model Street Light Project

This is the project feedback picture from our South American customer, Its 60W private mode street light. It belongs to the rural poverty alleviation and transformation project, the local economic conditions are not good. But they feedback that the lighting effect of the installation was very good, it illuminated the way home. The lamps are good and competive cost, the locals are very satisfied, very thanks! In the future, There will be more government projects to continue to cooperate with us!

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